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We will continue to grow with the help of our customers and respected major brands and have more outlets New Zealand wide.

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$899.00 ( Incl GST )
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Carrier WiFi Kit

$79.00 ( Incl GST )
$1,569.00 ( Incl GST )

Heat Pumps NZ

At NZ Depot, we supply and install heat pumps in Auckland and across NZ, with leading brands available at competitive prices. As a leading supplier in the industry, we have heat pumps suitable for all locations, from small houses to large commercial premises. Our expertise includes everything from heat pumps with the lowest cooling and heating capacity up to large-scale ducted heating and cooling solutions.

Buy Heat Pumps in New Zealand

When you buy a heat pump from us at NZ Depot, you’ll benefit from our best price guarantee. You’ll also benefit from our excellent standard of customer service, where we’ll help make sure you get the right heat pump solution for your needs.

Installation of Heat Pumps in Auckland and Elsewhere in NZ

Licensed and experienced technicians complete the installation of the heat pumps that we supply in Auckland and throughout NZ. You can also choose to use your own technician to complete the installation work.