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AHI Carrier supply, install and service industry-leading heating and cooling, air conditioning, HVAC and refrigeration products using innovative technology across all capacity sizes.

With a wide range of products, industry experience and knowledge to provide a fully integrated HVAC solution.

Our high performance, high efficiency heat pumps, air conditioning, and refrigeration products and their components are specifically designed for all commercial sectors and residential uses across New Zealand.

You only need AHI Carrier, for every air conditioning, heating and refrigeration solution.

With a wide range of innovative technology, capacity and size of units, there is a solution designed specifically for your clients’ needs in any commercial or residential application.
For professional advice on best practice, design, install, repair and servicing, and access to the countrywide Totaline network for replacement parts.
Improve the operation and reliability of your equipment including preventive and predictive maintenance agreements.
Reduce running costs through energy saving, high efficiency aircon products designed for maximum efficiency and productivity.
Explore building automation and energy management HVAC solutions, including customised packaged maintenance agreements and remote monitoring

Residential Products
For comfort heating and cooling in your home, you have many options to meet your family’s requirements. Every Carrier air conditioner and Toshiba air conditioner, have been specifically chosen for their reliability, energy efficiency, quietness, to meet your requirements and budgets.

AHI Carrier have service centres across the country, with an efficient parts dispatch system and access to service technicians for the life of your product, who have been specifically accredited and trained.

When you purchase an AHI Carrier product you have purchased a premium quality aircon product. All Carrier residential and light commercial air conditioning (excludes heavy and applied products), carry a five year parts and labour warranty.

Snapshot of your air conditioning options
High Wall Split Systems
Separating the indoor fan coil unit from the outdoor compressor, coil and fan section, reduces the noise and bulkiness of the unit inside your house. Some models offer advanced functions such as infrared remote control, 24 hour on/off timer, sleep functions, advanced filtration and dehumidification.

Portable Air Conditioning Units
The portable air conditioners come in an elegant compact design, and are easy to move from room to room. They can be used all year with heating (heat pump) and cooling and are suitable for apartments, renters in the residential and commercial market, retirement villages and emergency air conditioning.

Window / Wall Air Conditioning Units
Carrier Window Room Air Conditioners (WRAC) offer the best value in heating and cooling options. Installation costs are also lower than split systems due to their self-contained design. The heat pumps use low vibration, high efficiency compressors, and come in a range of capacities to suit your room size with cordless remote control models.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems
For year round comfort and climate control, cool and warm air flows throughout the whole house from ceiling or wall vents. Central air conditioning systems are energy efficient, have a powerful operation of rapid heat and cool function with precise temperature control.

Hi-Wall Split Systems
Window/Wall WRAC
Ducted System
Cassette Systems

  • $89.00$150.00 Incl GST

    Carrier WiFi Kit

    $89.00$150.00 Incl GST
  • Carrier 3.5kW Portable AC – 51QPD12N7S-1

    Cooling Capacity:  3.50 kW

    Heating Capacity:  2.90 kW

    $789.99$1,500.00 Incl GST
  • Carrier 2.65kW Allure Plus Series Air Conditioner – 53QHG026-1


    Cooling Capacity:  2.65 kW
    Heating Capacity:  2.75 kW

    $973.99$3,250.00 Incl GST
  • Carrier 3.5kW Allure Plus Series Air Conditioner – 53QHG035-1


    Cooling Capacity:  3.50 kW
    Heating Capacity:  3.75 kW

    $1,139.99$3,450.00 Incl GST
  • Carrier 7.75kW Allure Plus Series Air Conditioner – 53QHG080-1


    Cooling: 7.75 kW

    Heating: 8.20 kW

    $2,119.99$4,450.00 Incl GST
  • Carrier 2.0kW Allure Plus Series Air Conditioner – 53QHG020-1


    Cooling Capacity:  2.00 kW
    Heating Capacity:  2.20 kW

    $919.99$3,050.00 Incl GST
  • Carrier 5kW Allure Plus Series Air Conditioner – 53QHG050-1


    Cooling Capacity:  5.00 kW
    Heating Capacity:  5.35 kW

    $1,399.99$3,650.00 Incl GST
  • Carrier 7kW Allure Plus Series Air Conditioner – 53QHG070-1


    Cooling Capacity:  7.00 kW

    Heating Capacity:  7.60 kW

    $1,659.99$4,050.00 Incl GST
  • Carrier 6kW Allure Plus Series Air Conditioner – 53QHG060-1


    Cooling Capacity:  6.00 kW
    Heating Capacity:  6.20 kW

    $1,519.99$3,850.00 Incl GST

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