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Online WINZ Quote Request:

Find the product > Add to Cart > Goto Checkout Page > Fill out the details, select the “Get a Winz Quote” option and click the “Place Order” button, you are done!

Once we receive your request, We will email and reply to you back with the WINZ Quote Attachment pdf file.

Once we receive the money into our account, we will process your order as soon as possible.

Checkout Page Guide Below:


Winz Checkout Process - NZDEPOT

Work And Income:

Supplier Number: CUR002085899

Yes, we are happy to provide free WINZ / Work and Income or Social Welfare quotes for all of our products and service.

Work and Income have our account on file.

Please talk to our staff or send us an email , telling us what needs and we will print or email you a printable WINZ QUOTATION. Once we receive the confirmation from WINZ or payment then we will deliver the goods and/or Services as soon as possible. You can also follow up with your case manager or a particular officer.

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