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Before having your split system installed, you need to choose the most appropriate unit for your home. When selecting a heat pump/air conditioner for your home consider the size and type of room it is going to be installed.

We do most almost every brands

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-Payment Terms:

Account Name: NZ DEPOT Limited

Account Number: 01-0190-0658662-00

Reference: “Invoice Number or Order Number”


Please always check the stock availability before creating any order. After the order created, the Customer may need to wait for the next stock availability.

NZ DEPOT will not refund the total amount of the order created without Stock Level Check, the button you will find on each product page.

High Wall Heatpump: 50% deposit is required to secure the installation booking with the balance of 50% payable upon completion of the job. (NZ DEPOT Service Only Quotation / Invoice Only)

Ducted System: 80% deposit is required to secure the installation booking with the balance of 20% payable upon completion of the job. (NZ DEPOT Service Only Quotation / Invoice Only)

We collect 100% Payment for Online Orders.

* After accepting the Quotation, the Customer can not Change, Replace or Exchange the units.

Change, Replace or Exchange of Unit Price: $195 (will be added on Invoice on top of the amount of the quotation)

Refer to the https://nzdepot.co.nz/delivery-and-returns

We Accept Internet Banking Transfer or Cash.

For Credit Card payments, It will be 3% will be added on top.

The interest of 5% will be added to any invoices not paid within 7 days of issue.


  • back-to-back installation within 3 meters. Anything extra you need to run the copper pipe, It will be $55 per meter and $55 for certain big pipes such as 1/4″ x 5/8″ Copper pipe.
  • 12 months workmanship warranty by the installer.
  • -Workmanship Warranty Add-ons – ($150/2yrs, $250/3yrs)
  • -Code of Compliance will be given
  • -5 years of Manufacturing Warranty
  • -Workmanship Warranty: 12 Months from the Invoice date.
  • Ownership of goods does not pass to the purchaser until payment made in full.
  • All the relevant documents will be emailed/handed over after the full and final payment.
  • We reserve the right to charge interest of 15% on late payments.
  • All the legal hearing will be done in Manukau-Auckland Only.
  • After one reminder, the Invoice will be referred to collection agencies or Baycorp.
  • The Person/Owner accepts the quotation is hereafter referred to as the Guarantor.
  • Post Installation, If any issues with the installation or with the product and the Customer request a site visit for any issues with the product or service has been done then the technician may site visit or/and try to fix the issue over the phone which will be free as the workmanship comes under 12 months workmanship warranty. If the technician visits and found that the cause was unrelated to the service or product we provide then the customer will be invoiced for a site visit such as (Call-out fees: $100.00 + $40.00/hr + Material cost + Travel Charges plus GST ).
  • For WiFi options or remote configuration, the company are not responsible for setup, Customer needs to go through the manual and applies.

-Shipping Unit/Goods:

– Please make sure someone be at the shipping address to receive goods. The courier company will charge another shipping charges to us for a failed delivery, Which NZ DEPOT will pass extra charges on to the customer.

– The delivery driver may contact you via phone call or text prior to the delivery.

Heatpump Installation Addons on the Product page:

Try your best to choose the estimate option for “With Installation”,

Please note:

  1. For Installation Addon selection: You can try your best to select from the product page, which brand and model are you looking for, where you can find and select your city of installation and try your best to select the option you require and create an order when you are done. If any additional unforeseen circumstances occur, the technician will discuss with you at the site/installation date and will let us know if there is any additional cost involve or not, if it does the technician will let us know and you can pay us on our bank account deposit / Credit Card from NZ DEPOT Service Invoice on standard price. Our aim is to provide the customer with the best service with the affordability of units and we are compromising on the margin as lowest as possible.
  2. All our Addons like the Installation service on the product pages are a separate entity from the product itself, If somehow the customer would like to cancel the installation service or any addons, We can refund, exchange the main product itself. In that case, the customer will keep the Unit and by the terms and condition we can sort out the Installation addon cancellation process. If the customer would like to get a refund or exchange on the unit, They may refer to the terms and condition for “Delivery & Returns” process.


NZ DEPOT Heat Pump/Air Conditioner Installation Service can only be used with compatible products, as shown in-store or online, purchased from NZDEPOT. Excludes installations in commercial locations and apartment buildings. Installation must be paid for prior to booking. ‘From’ pricing represents ‘standard’ and ‘back-to-back’ installation of a split system unit. ‘Non-standard’ installations will incur additional charges. Excess travel is charged when the customers home is further than 35km from the nearest store. Click here to see our full terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

See our frequently asked questions for more information about this offer.


For any additional information, please contact NZDEPOT.


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