Heat pump installation FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions


Which heat pump/air conditioner brands are available for installation?

We can arrange the installation of any split system heat pump/air conditioner purchased from an NZDEPOT Online Store.


Will the installer bring the air conditioner system to my home on the day of install?

Yes, for Auckland Customer Only for certain brands. Outside of Auckland, we ship the unit to the customer site address and once it arrived and delivered and then we assign a technician for installation.


How far will the installer travel to install my air conditioner unit?

Our Service is New Zealand Wide, please enquiry on Live Chat or send us an email to [email protected]


What does a back to back installation mean?

This is when the outside compressor unit and internal head unit are installed directly opposite each other. This is classed as a standard installation.


If the unit is not back to back, what should I do?

In these circumstances, You can try your best to select options from the product page, which brand and model are you looking for, where you can find and select your city of installation and try your best to select the option you require and create an order when you are done. If any additional unforeseen circumstances occur, the technician will discuss with you at the site/installation date and will let us know if there is any additional cost involve or not, if it does the technician will let us know and you can pay us on our bank account deposit / Credit Card from NZ DEPOT Service Invoice on standard price.

Can the outside compressor unit be installed away from where the head unit is to be installed?

Yes. Please discuss this with our Customer service team or on LIVE CHAT. Non back to back installations are considered non-standard and additional charges may apply.


If the inside unit is being installed on an internal wall, do I need a condensate pump?

An internal wall is any wall inside the home that does not back onto the outside the house.


What is the internal wall?

An internal wall is any wall inside the home that does not back onto the outside the house.


Can pre-existing pipework be used for a new air conditioner unit?

No. Old piping can affect the integrity of the product and its warranty.


Feel free to ask any questions you may have through LIVE CHAT or EMAIL ([email protected])

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