Scams illegally use NZDEPOT’s name and logo to trick people into giving out personal information.

These schemes target people using fake emails, Facebook pages, text messages and/or websites offering the opportunity to win, or receive, gift cards, prizes, or false employment opportunities.

These scams are represented in some of the following ways:

  • Filling out a ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey and giving personal details
  • Sharing, commenting and ‘liking’ a Facebook page
  • Calling a specified telephone number and providing personal information
  • Other organisations making contact to ‘confirm’ personal details
  • Claiming a ‘prize’ in an NZ DEPOT branded email and filling in personal information to collect the prize

NZ DEPOT is in no way associated with any of the above activities and does not use email or social media for any promotions offering free gift cards. NZ DEPOT will also never ask for personal information or banking details in unsolicited communications.

NZ DEPOT works with third parties to take action against these scams and encourages customers to help eliminate them and protect others by also reporting your experience to