Roof mount rated 300kg: 1800mm purlins, 600mm adjustable upright

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Roof mount rated 300kg: 1800mm purlins, 600mm adjustable upright

Product Code: CM03

Adjustable, Light-Weight Aluminium Mounting System for an HVAC system unit/pack for up to 300kg.

Fully engineered to AS/NZ 1170.0, 1170.1 and 1170.2 (wind loads) and 1170.5 (seismic loads)

Which unit weights are suitable for this mount?
Any unit weighing up to 300kg is suitable for this heavy-duty single mount.

What is the RC01 roof fixing and how does it work?
Monkeytoe condenser mounts utilise the patented RC01 roofing clip, which is the means by which any weight loadings are transferred back to the building structure. This video explains just how…

RC01 Roofing Clip
to find out more about the RC01 roofing clip…

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Why do you see the excellent price is because we try our best to make the lowest margin possible so the customer can get the best brand at a good affordable price.

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