DAIKIN 6.7kW Aura Floor Console Heat pump / Air Conditioner – FVXM71Y


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Cooling Capacity:  6.70 kW
Heating Capacity:  8.00 kW

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Stay Cool All Summer with Daikin Aura Floor Standing Floor Console🤩

The NEW Daikin Aura Floor Standing heat pump provides supreme comfort in the harsh cold climate with it’s powerful heating efficiency and award-winning design (Good Design Award 2023).

The Daikin Aura Floor Standing provides ultimate comfort in the cold climate with its unique heating features and award-winning design.

*WiFi Included.

SystemReverse Cycle
Capacities(Rated Heating:) 3.5kW, 4.5kW, 5.4kW, 5.0kW, 6.0kW, 7.0kW, 8.0kW (Rated Cooling:) 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 4.5kW, 5.0kW, 6.0kW, 6.7kW
Indoor TypeFloor Standing
Power Supply1 Phase: 220-240V, 50Hz
It’s the unique features of Daikin products that makes us the world leader.
Heavy Duty Purification

Streamer discharge decomposes bacteria and mould adsorbed on the filter by irradiating them with an advanced plasma electric discharge. It provides highly effective oxidative decomposition. Streamer discharge is one of the methods of plasma electric discharge. With the same electrical power, the oxidative decomposition speed is over 1,000 times faster than ordinary plasma electric discharge (glow discharge).

Compact Size

Our 2.5 to 7.1 kW units share the same indoor unit size, which is more compact at just 600mm high and 750 mm wide. This expansion in size allows for more flexible installation locations.

Dual Airflow

The series’ dual airflow gives more effective temperature control during heating. Warm air is directed both upwards and downwards to ensure even distribution. This means users’ feet stay warm and the temperature is consistent throughout the room.

Daikin Eye

Daikin eye is not only an identification of Daikin design but also the operation is indicated with different colours.

Increased No. of Capacities

6 capacities available, including the first ever R32 71 Class Floor Standing unit being sold in New Zealand. (As of March 2024, there is no R32 Floor Standing 71 Class in the HVAC Market in New Zealand)

Heat Plus

The heat plus function provides cosy heating by simulating radiant heat for 30 minutes. Afterwards, the previous settings are again activated.

Heat Boost

Heat boost quickly heats up your home when starting up your air conditioner. Set temperature is reached 14% faster than a regular air conditioner (pair only).

Floor Warming

The floor warming function optimises convection by distributing hot air from the bottom of the unit.

Controller Features




Operation Timers

Schedule your unit to operate automatically throughout the day or week to suit your lifestyle.


Comfort Mode

Airflow is optimised to stream upwards during cooling and downwards during heating.


Powerful Mode

Gives a boost in cooling or heating for 20 minutes beyond normal capacity.


Program Dry Function

Automatic intelligent airflow and temperature control to reduce room humidity.


Wi-Fi Connection

A LAN equipped air conditioner can easily be joined to a local Wi-Fi network. Once connected, the system can be controlled from any networked Android or iOS device.


Econo Mode

Power consumption of the system is limited to prevent tripping your circuit breaker.



Backlit Display

Clear large, easy to read text with a intuitive interface.



Weekly Schedule Timer

Program on and off times to suit your lifestyle.



Home Leave Function

Automatically turns your air conditioner on when the room temperatures drops below 10°C.



Holiday Mode

Deviates from your normal schedules to your select holiday operation schedule.



Temperature Limit

Predefine a temperature range for cooling or heating cycles for reduced energy consumption.



Off Timer Feature

Automatically turns you air conditioner off after operating for a predefined time (30-180 mins).

These dimensions mean a unit can easily be raised up and placed on or in a wall above the skirting board.

Non res - NZ DEPOT

Non recessed


Partially Res - NZ DEPOT

Partially recessed


Fully Res - NZ DEPOT

Fully recessed



Daikin’s 5-year parts and labour warranty applies to split, multi-split and ducted air conditioners purchased and installed in homes across New Zealand.

Installation & Warranty Claims Note:

Installation must be undertaken by a professional licensed Aircon technician or/and Electrician.

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The reason behind the exceptional affordability of our products lies in our unwavering dedication to providing customers with the best possible value. We have meticulously streamlined our operations and supply chain, striving to maintain the lowest possible margins while upholding the quality and authenticity of the brands we offer. Our focus remains firmly fixed on ensuring that every customer can access premium products at a cost that won’t strain their budget. By diligently working to optimize costs without compromising on excellence, we are delighted to present you with an impressive array of products that meet both your aspirations and financial comfort. Rest assured, our commitment to delivering outstanding value will continue to be the driving force behind our business practices.

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 750 × 600 × 238 mm

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